My Design - Custom Cycling Jersey

Your Personalized Gateway to Custom Cycling Jerseys

Welcome to 'My Design', where your dream cycling jersey becomes a reality. From your initial spark of inspiration to the moment you don the finished product, we ensure a smooth, personalized, and memorable journey.

Start by either logging into your existing account or registering a new one. Once you're in, share your creative vision with us. Whether it's a basic outline with base colors and text, a detailed sketch pinpointing each design element, or even photos of your favorite sports teams you wish to emulate, we're here to bring it all to life. Our comprehensive design guidelines and digital art templates offer guidance and resources for those in need of direction.

After you share your design requirements, our team gets to work. Many customers find themselves delighted with our first draft, but if it's not perfect for you, no worries. We believe in getting it right, and that means as many revisions as needed until it's precisely what you envisioned. This design and revision process can span a few days, depending on your feedback speed.

Once we achieve your ideal design, production begins. Depending on the quantity ordered, crafting your custom jersey can take between 5-10 days. After that, it's all about getting it to your doorstep. Shipping times range from 5-15 days, depending on your selected shipping service and location.

Throughout this process, feel free to drop us a message via email at or through our store chat. While we might not always be online, rest assured we'll catch every query and request. For a deep dive into more specific aspects of our offerings, explore corporate identity, size & fit charts, or artwork specifications.

At the end of this journey awaits more than just a jersey. It's a reflection of your vision, our craft, and the passion for cycling that unites us all. Let's create together.