Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I design my custom cycling jersey?

Designing your jersey is an interactive and creative process. Explore our Design Guidelines to get started. Whether you have a detailed design in mind, or just a basic idea, we're here to help. Submit base colors, text, logos, or even a hand-drawn sketch, and we’ll transform it into a digital design.

2. Can I use inspiration from my favorite sports team or a specific pattern?

Of course! If you have a pattern, style, or sports team design in mind, simply share photos or descriptions with us. We strive to replicate your inspirations or offer a design that captures the essence of what you're looking for.

3. How can I ensure my chosen colors are accurately represented?

Monitor displays can sometimes be deceiving. For precise color matching, we recommend using this color picker tool. Providing us with a specific color code ensures your jersey matches your vision.

4. Can I mix and match different styles or include individual personalizations on jerseys?

Absolutely! We accommodate mixed style orders and allow for unique personalizations on each jersey. So, if you're ordering for a team, each jersey can have its distinctive touch.

5. How do I determine the right size for my jersey?

Our sizing may differ from what you're used to. To ensure a perfect fit, consult our Size & Fit Charts. It provides detailed measurements to guide your selection.

6. I want different sizes for jerseys and bib shorts in a set. Is that possible?

Yes, when ordering sets, you can specify different sizes for jerseys and bib shorts. This flexibility ensures every piece fits just right.

7. How is the cost of my custom cycling jersey determined?

The cost varies based on design intricacies, quantities, and specific requirements. Once we grasp your needs, we'll provide a tailored quote. For a ballpark figure, visit our Pricing & Discounts page.

8. What's the typical duration for the design process?

The design duration can vary. While many customers love the first draft, we're committed to perfection. We offer unlimited revisions until you're thrilled with the design. Depending on revisions and feedback, the process can span a few days or longer.

9. How long will it take to produce my jersey once the design is approved?

Post design approval, production typically takes between 5-10 days, factoring in the order quantity.

10. What should I expect regarding shipping times?

Shipping can range from 5-15 days based on your chosen service and destination. For detailed shipping information, check out our shipping page.

11. Is upfront payment required?

To ensure a seamless workflow and mutual commitment, we request an upfront payment before initiating the design and production stages.

12. Will there be any branding on my custom jerseys?

Your jersey is purely yours! We do not place our branding on your custom jerseys, ensuring the design remains exclusively tailored to your preferences.

13. Do you offer kids' sizes or complete kits?

Yes, we offer complete kits, including jerseys, bib shorts, and more, in children's sizes. Now everyone, regardless of age, can ride in style!

14. I have more questions. How can I reach out?

For any additional queries or information, feel free to contact us directly, send an email to, or use our store chat. We’re always here to guide and assist!